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Welcome to !
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MailHazardIMPORTANT: You are on the new mailhazard server, the operating mode has changed, see 'NEW!' points on this page. is a mail system which allows creation of throwaway and anonymous emails. It is dedicated to :
Internet users wishing to retain their anonymity and to fight against spam.
Developers for their tests sending mail..

It requires no account creation, no registration, no payment.
You can send and send you emails on any adresse,, ... (as well as other domains listed on the left panel).
After returning to this site, you must type the address you used to see the received mails.


To understand the principle :
NEW! : Type  nobodyRX968AD1 in the search field in the left panel, and then click on button "Find mails" to activate the mail box (and to check if it is free).
Send an email to
(or what you want the given email is randomly generated ).
Refresh the mails list.
And you should see your mail. It is possible that your mail server is a little busy, in this case the mail may take some time to arrive. To refresh the search, simply click on "Find mails" (or the email from the list of previous searches).

NEW! : mailhazard has changed: you must now first activate the mail box before you can receive mails on it. Easy: you just need to go to the mail box page (using the button "Find mails"), the expiration date of the mail box will be indicated on top of the mails list.

Important :
Mails hosted by this system are publics: all you need is the email address to view the mails (Unless you choose to redirect mail or to protect the mailbox). Do not send confidential information to these addresses.
Think to forums admins: Do not use this system to play the trolls. They already have enough work like that.
Anti spam: This system follows SPF rules( and uses the IP filtering of as far as it stays free. This allows the server to limit the amount of wild spams, and developers to test mail sending in real conditions.  


News :
Today: 257 468 046 mails processed since mailhazard start (including 216 003 759 rejected mails).
12/12/2016: The new server is operational, and all mail functions are ready. Functional changes that I hope to have the time to do are not terminated but it will wait the next year... The old server did not give me any respite... ;-)
So the ip transfers are now in progress, the .pw domains are ready to use, all other domains should be ready in max 2 days.  
Meanwhile, I wish you a happy holiday season !! 
6/12/2016: After few crashes, due to overload and probably to disks problems, I have decided to move mailhazard to a new and so, more powerfull server.  The change will be done before the end of december, I will inform you of the days of the intervention on this page. To make me forgive, I will take the advantage of it to make some functional changes !.
29/6/2016 - 19/7/2016: A very very big overload problem difficult to solve
... I think and I hope it is now solved... Again sorry for this long time of unavailability !
4-5/10/2014: Very big server crash... Sorry ! ;)
19/8/2014: Small correction for mobile devices and "responsive design".
Mailhazard has nearly 2 years ! and 7.5 millions of mails processed.
12/11/2013: Small bugs corrected (mails list pages navigation, ...) and small changes (page disposition sizes, ...)
31/10/2012: MailHazard
adapts its pages to screen size (or rather "should" ;) ).

27/10/2012: MailHazard has changed its server and its IP.
23/9/2012: Ability to protect mailboxes with passwords, to redirect mails automatically for a period of 7 days, to trace receptions of mails from an email source to a mail box added.
2/9/2012: Notion of mail read, and number of unread mails on the list of previous searches added.
26/8/2012: System started.